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The Story About

Annie Chang


Hello, my name is Annie, I was born in Taiwan and brought up in China. I dreamed to become a fashion designer when I was young and planned to go to New York with one of my best friends to study Fashion Design. It was in 2011 after I had everything prepared and was about to apply for one of my dream University in New York, my father changed his mind and stopped me from sending my application out; because he was worried that I was too young to study abroad by myself. But I was still eager to leave the country where I grew up and to see the world, so I came to New Zealand and start living with my mum and my stepfather at the end of 2011.


I completed my Foundation at Whitecliffe College in 2012, and continued with my studies at Whitecliffe College in 2013, back then we were required to finish 4 years of study to gain a bachelor degree. After I finished my first year of study, without doubt, I picked Fashion Design as my Major. Meanwhile, I got introduced by friends from church and hear the Gospel, knowing there is a GOD, it completely changed me and my life as well as my values. Which made me think about the purpose of my life and what I truly want in my life. I started to doubt what I was doing; hoping to get into the magnificent fashion industry, chasing after fame and empty conceit, so I got lost. At the same time, my parent was facing serious divorce issues, everything that was happening made me decide to take a gap from my studies.


After I left the school, I worked at Blunt Umbrellas for 5 years, grew from a novice to a professional graphic designer. Though it was never my dream to become one, God had miraculously brought me down this path and gave me this job that I desperately needed at that time. In 2019, I left the job and decided to pursue my passion - Arts & Crafts, and founded Annie’s Little Valley as a Sugar Flower artist, also holding different sorts of art classes at my studio The Art Valley located at Remuera.


This year will be my 8th year since I left school, and recently I have been having dreams about going back to study. I don’t know what this dream means, and I know this may sound a bit crazy but maybe it’s a sign from God telling me to go back and finish my study, or maybe not I am not sure, but I want to find out. I am also hoping that going back to finish my study can bring different possibilities for my business. As well as to get more involved in the NZ art industry through the resources proved by Whitecliffe College as an artist.


I hope we can meet in person, to share more about myself and my stories. Thank you for your time.



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