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The Art Valley (TAV) is a creative platform that hosts and facilitates a wide range of art programmes and workshops for all creatives. In order to accommodate people's schedules, we have scheduled art workshops for adults on weekends and children's afterschool programmes on weekdays during the school terms. In addition, we also help entertain the children during their break with our holiday programmes. 

Scroll down for our list of available classes and click one of the tabs below to find out more info and book.

Watercolour Painting

Basic Watercolour Painting

This class is perfect for beginners who want to learn more about the tools and techniques of watercolour and will set you up for our more advanced classes.


Watercolour Painting

Watercolour Animals


For the animal lovers out there, this class will take you through the techniques of drawing the beauty and character of your favourite animals using watercolour.


Acrylic Painting

​Colour Theory

Harmonious and effective colour combinations can transform the entire look, mood and emotion of your work so come join us if you’re interested in learning how to create an impactful work of art.


Acrylic Painting

Advance Painting


This class provides an exciting opportunity for experienced student to take their acrylic painting skills to the next level, and develop their painting style.



People Drawing

Our people drawing class focuses on creating realistic portraits exploring fundamentals such as proportions, shading and textures.


Drawing + Watercolour

 Ink Drawing +

​Watercolour Painting

Our ink drawing and watercolour combined class offers a unique opportunity for experienced student to explore the dynamic interplay between these two mediums and push their artistic skills to new heights.


Sculpturing & Craft

Miniature Clay

A fun and creative class for those interested in sculpting and miniature crafts. You will learn the fundamentals of conditioning, colour mixing, and shaping to create a variety of miniature items, including food, furniture and objects.


Sculpturing & Craft

Resin Making

(1 Day workshop)

Mix and match your favourite colours and flowers to create your own set of two resin coasters to take home.


Watercolour Painting

Watercolour Flowers


A symbol of love and beauty, you’ll be drawing inspiration from flowers to create a botanical piece of your own, learning how to paint them realistically.


Watercolour Painting

Watercolour Landscape (Advanced)

Explore the beauty and versatility of watercolour painting and create your own stunning landscapes.
We’ll cover everything from sketching and composition to colour theory and brush technique.


Acrylic Painting

Masterpiece Study

This class provides a fascinating and engaging exploration of the world of paintings. You’ll study some of the greatest masterpieces such as Da Vinci, Monet and Van Gogh exploring their techniques, themes and their style.



Basic Drawing

This class covers the fundamental techniques of drawing, including line, shading, and perspective, as well as more advanced techniques for capturing texture, form, and dimension. 



 Ink Drawing

This class focuses on techniques for creating a range of effects in ink, from delicate lines to bold and dramatic strokes using a traditional pointed nib and ink.



​Digital Art Technique

Learn how to create digital art where I’ll share my tips and tricks on working with brushes, tools, layering and more.


Sculpturing & Craft

Sugar Flowers


This class is perfect for bakers, cake decorators or anyone interested in sugar flowers to learn the basics including the tools and techniques needed to create realistic flowers and foliage using gum paste. 

Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 10.51.15.png

Sculpturing & Craft

Modern Calligraphy

A beginner class where you will be introduced to the beautiful art of calligraphy using a traditional dip pen and ink. The class covers the fundamentals including pen holding, basic strokes and letter formation. 

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