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Intro to Modern Calligraphy Kit 


Calligraphy is a mindful, soothing and creative hobby and this modern calligraphy kit will set you on your way to creating your own stunning projects  ✨ 


Our kit includes: 
• 1x Intro to Modern Calligraphy Booklet 
• 1x Speedball Oblique Pen Holder
• 1x Nikko G Nib
• Jar of Sumi Ink
• PDF downloadable worksheets so you can practice as many times as you'd like


The modern calligraphy workbook provides you with an intro to the tools you'll be using, how to position your nib, basic stroke foundations, traceable lowercase and uppercase letters, and connecting of letters to form words in a style I've developed over the years. 


I wholeheartedly believe that anyone can learn calligraphy. It’s an art that takes patience and requires consistent practice but it’s so worth it and you'll be impressed by what you can achieve!


NZ shipping only at this time

Intro to Modern Calligraphy Kit

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